How it Works?

Complete Experience

Automatically create and share a complete experience simply by capturing multiple photos at the same location and time. Friends nearby magically join the experience and photos are instantly made available to everyone without the need for any organizing or sharing. It just works!

Real-Time Discovery

Picdish helps people discover and connect with others who share an interest in food.

Unlike other food sites and apps that are all designed around restaurants or recipes, Picdish is designed around people. It’s like having your own live food channel with followers cheering you from the moment you start sharing. You can choose to browse home-cooking, local farming, friend activity or zoom into your favorite country and discover real-time experiences through local foodies.

Dynamic Pages

Create a dynamic and social website for your interest or business in less than a minute.

This is a great way to keep your followers up to date on your latest activity and experiences. Both you and your fans can tag relevant experiences to add rich and real-time content to the page. The community can further engage and share knowledge around a page through Q&A.

Getting Started

Download the free iPhone app from the App Store to get started. You can simultaneously share the content you capture on Picdish to Facebook, Twitter and a dynamic Picdish page designed just for you and your business.